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Fill our contact us form, pursuant to which our office will contact you with the next steps. Post completion of the steps, we will advise as to the best Immigration/Visa Category available to you as per your circumstances. Thereafter, we will guide you as to your next steps

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Book your appointment to discuss your immigration needs by phone or email. We shall contact you with the available appointment slots

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After Our firm has undertaken your immigration/visa related work, we shall provide you with the link to the software on which you can upload your documents seamlessly sitting in your country. Free yourself from the costly fees of international Courier, and keep access to all the records and documents at the press of a button

Visa Approval

Pursuant to the right application process, and after our firm having been notified by IRCC, we shall provide you with the response including Visa Approval notification/documentation


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Ankit Khetarpal, Barrister, Solicitor & Notary, Canada and Attorney at Law, NY, USA offers unique services after observing your immigration needs, and offers most suitable solutions, having enriching experience of practice of immigration laws from both the sides of the borders.


We are a one stop shop Law firm, offering an enormous mix of Immigration, Real Estate & Probate work Experience

We, at ASM Legal Professional Corporation, aim to provide the legal services with utmost candidness and Transparency. ASM Legal Professional Corporation sincerely believes in gaining Client's Trust, instead of his/her financial capacity.

Our Blogs

ASM Legal Professional Corporation welcomes everyone to go through our blogs and educate themselves regarding their immigrations needs. Let's all be aware of our Immigration Rights.

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