Skilled Workers in PEI- Job offer +WP + in PEI


To be eligible to apply for the PEI Skilled Worker stream you must:


       have a fulltime, non-seasonal (permanent or minimum of two years) job offer from a PEI employer in a high skilled occupation defined by the 

National Occupation Classification (NOC)(link is external) skill level 0, A, or B;

       have at least two years of fulltime work experience in the past five years;

       have a valid work permit to be working in Canada;

       have legal status in country of residence;

       have successfully completed a postsecondary degree or diploma (minimum two year program);

       be between the ages of 18 and 59;

       have sufficient English and/or French language ability to perform the job offered. Language ability can be verified by one of the following:


o   a language test from an IRCC approved testing institute within the past two years with a minimum score of CLB/NCLC 4; or  

o   PEIW-02: Workforce Job Offer Form indicating employer is comfortable with the employee's proficiency in English and/or French to perform tasks associated with the job position being offered.


       have sufficient financial resources for the applicant and family to pay all immigration costs (including travel expenses) to be able to establish in PEI; and

       demonstrate a genuine intention to settle in PEI.