US Immigration

We, at ASM Legal Professional Corporation take pride, in providing most effective immigration solutions for those who wish to make USA, THEIR HOME. At the same time, if you wish to work, study, visit, travel or explore USA, come visit us or contact us to know more. ASM Legal Professional Corporation through its founder, Ankit Khetarpal, who is registered Attorney across the world entitled to practice law in United States of America, Canada and India, holding membership in good standing from New York State Bar Association, Law Society on Ontario, Canada, and Delhi Bar Association, India, and being Honored with designation by Supreme Court of India, as Advocate on Record, provides unique and detailed legal and practical experience of three great nations of the world, i.e. Canada, USA and India.

We provide Immigration solutions for all those who wish to immigrate or work in USA in following areas:

1.Business Immigration

Categories which work towards Business Immigration

  • a. EB-5
  • b. E-2
  • c. L1A & EB1C

  • 2. Employment Immigration

  • a. H1B
  • b. H4
  • c. H2B
  • d. EAD
  • e. TN
  • f. O1
  • g. EB1
  • h. EB2
  • i. EB3

  • 3. Asylum Based Immigration

  • a. Consult us if you need protection based on Asylum Application.
  • b. Consult us if you are facing threats in your home country.
  • c. Consult us if you are facing criminal persecution in your home country.
  • d. Any other reason, which you feel warrants Asylum protection.

  • 4. Spousal Sponsorship