International Mobility Program: Authorization to work without a work permit



This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. It is posted on the department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

To determine whether a temporary resident requires a work permit or a Labour Market Impact Assessment, officers must first determine whether the activity the person seeks to engage in constitutes "work" as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Learn more about what is work.


Authorization to work without a work permit

·       R186(a)—Business visitor

·       R186(b)—Foreign representatives and R186(c)—Family members of foreign representatives

·       R186(d)—Military personnel

·       R186(e)—Foreign government officers

·       R186(f)—On-campus employment

·       R186(g)—Performing artists

·       R186(h)—Athletes and team members

·       R186(i)—News reporters, media crews

·       R186(j)—Public speakers

·       R186(k)—Convention organizers

·       R186(l)—Religious leaders

·       R186(m)—Judges, referees and similar officials

·       R186(n)—Examiners and evaluators

·       R186(o)—Expert witnesses or investigators

·       R186(p)—Health care students

·       R186(q)—Civil aviation inspector

·       R186(r)—Aviation accident or incident inspector

·       R186(s)—Crew

·       R186(t)—Emergency service providers

·       R186(u)—Implied status

·       R186(v)—Off-campus work

·       R186(w)—Off-campus work (transition to post-graduation status)

·       R186(x)—Registered Indians

·       Assessing farm work

·       Public Policy: Short-term work permit exemption

·       Public Policy: 120-day work permit exemption for researchers

Registered Indians

Per paragraph 186(x) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, registered Indians, as defined under the Indian Act, are exempt from having to apply for a work permit.

For more information on determining registered Indian status, see section 10, Examining people who are registered under the Indian Act at ports of entry, in ENF 4: Port of entry examinations (PDF, 1.6 MB).