Business Visa

US immigration law allows people who have the skills and talents needed in the United States to be admitted to work on a temporary or permanent basis. The US actively promotes investments to boost its economy, giving benefits to business people ready to invest. That’s why individuals with a business moving to the US are so popular. Establishing a business gives a perfect opportunity to settle in the US, as well as impressive financial prospects if wisely invested.

Business Visa Options in the United States

Whether you are looking to start a business, buy an existing business, invest or expand your business in the US, there is an option for you! There are 4 pathways that allow qualifying business foreigners to come to the United States on a temporary or permanent status.

1. Temporary Investor Visa: E1 & E2 Visa

Individuals who wish to work in the United States by starting or investing in a business may be eligible for an E1 or E2 investor visa. While not all countries are eligible, business owners and investors from those that are may qualify if they meet several criteria. Employees, as well as spouses and children of the principal visa holder, may also be eligible for a visa. Learn more about the E-1 and E-2 visas!

2. Permanent Investor Visa: EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is a way to get your green card and permanent residency through investment. The EB-5 investor visa program enables foreigners who make an investment in a US business to obtain a green card and become lawful permanent residents, and eventual citizens, of the United States. The investment can lead to a green card for the investor to permanently live and work in the United States with their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. Learn more about the EB-5 visa!

3. Business Expansion Visa: L-1 Visa

The L1 visa, also known as a business expansion visa, is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that allows international companies with offices in the US and offices overseas to transfer certain qualified employees to their US offices. L-1 visas are available to employees working for companies outside the United States such as in Canada that have branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, or joint venture partners in the United States. Learn more about the L-1 visa!

4. US Corporate Immigration

Corporate Immigration is the perfect option for those who have started a business and are looking to expand their business to the United States. This immigration category was specifically designed for large, medium, and small companies that need to transfer their employees seamlessly across borders. There are vital legal steps to take when transferring employees to the US. Through a variety of services, we help to coordinate the logistics of your travelers so that every employee arrives at their destination without any complications.