M-1 Visa & Status

The M-1 visa classification is reserved for the student who intends to pursue a vocational, non-academic program (other than a language training program) in an established institution in the United States. Examples of vocational study are training programs for health care technicians, machinists, dental hygienists, and other, similar pursuits.


  • Ability to demonstrate bona fide student status with nonimmigrant intent and strong ties to the home country
  • Acceptance for study at an established vocational or other recognized, nonacademic institution
  • Proficiency in the English language and evidence of sufficient funding to attend the educational institution one will attend while living in the United States throughout the duration of the program.

  • How We Can Help You

  • ASM Legal Professional Corporation attorneys provide assistance in devising a strategy and course of action to increase one’s chance of obtaining the M-1/M-2 visa at the consular post abroad, especially after a previous visa denial.
  • ASM Legal Professional Corporation attorneys provide advice and assistance with request for changing between M-1 and M-2 statuses.

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